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What Is TCR Mode For CBD Vaping?

What is TCR mode for CBD vaping, how does it all work, and how does it resonate with vapor products? In this intelligently crafted article, we cover the basics of TCR from start to finish so that you’re more familiar with this mode that comes integrated into your CBD vaping device.

What Is TCR Mode?

If you’re new to advanced CBD vaping devices and CBD vape juice, and haven’t yet explored the wonderful features integrated into your device, often times you’ll purchase one with several highly advanced modes built into their chipsets. One of the most state-of-the-art modes is TCR, which stands for Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. Similar to a standard Temperature Control (TC) mode on a vaping device works, TCR acts as a number that ultimately depicts how the metal, which is used to create our coils, changes in resistance as the temperature changes.

If you’re at all familiar with Temperature Control, a common feature integrated into most vaping devices today, you may be aware that the actual mode built into the device doesn’t make its calculations based on the temperature of the coil or its metal framework. What happens is that the device has a number stored into its memory for a specific type of metal, which could be anything from Ni200 Nickel to Titanium to Stainless Steel. When that number or the resistance begins fluctuating, the device automatically recognizes it and immediately starts limiting the output to keep the temperature in a range close to the user’s input value. This is just one of the few ways Temperature Control is used in devices today.

How Does The TCR Mode Work?

The Temperature Control mode often used in regulated devices for CBD vaping is a brilliantly developed feature that will automatically cut off or limit the temperature of heating elements, eliminating the potential of it elevating. Not only does this reduce consumption and helps extend battery life, but it also prevents the heating element from burning. While this is an excellent way for manufacturers to deliver a temperature ‘control’ on devices right out of the box, the TCR mode advances by giving you the ability to fine-tune your device to be more accurate and utilize a more defined list of materials.

It’s common for a manufacturer to implement a specific list of preset values for certain materials, and those materials are typically the standard collection found under the umbrella of the Temperature Control mode. That standard collection often includes Ni200 Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti), and Stainless Steel (SS). Although having a device with preset values for these materials is a nice feature for the manufacturer to include, there should be more defined values so that the device can perform its task with more accuracy.

What happens here is that the manufacturer will input a preset value for Stainless Steel material, such as 304 Stainless Steel, but the user could be using 316 Stainless Steel. While the material is the same, its type and its value are different, thus reducing its ability to perform accurately. What the TCR mode does is allows you to manually input values, giving your CBD vaping device more control over the temperature and the best possible results from your device and heating element combination.

The Difference Between TC and TCR Modes

While both modes are very similar in the way they process numbers and ultimately limit the temperature on a vaping device, they’re different when it comes to how you use each mode and how they obtain values. When using the Temperature Control mode the manufacturer has already used an input value that is preset. However, when using the Temperature Coefficient of Resistance mode, you will input those values so that not only do you have a greater range of metal materials that you can use in conjunction with you device, but also so that you can use more defined values in order to allow for greater accuracy of the temperature and the device’s ability to limit it.

How Can I Find The Values of TCR?

Unfortunately, manufacturers have yet to reach a point where they include correct values on the display of devices and on the heating elements (coil heads) to better use this TCR mode that is starting to become a common feature integrated into today’s devices. However, there are some manufacturers that are beginning to include the correct values in instruction manuals that are included with these products. For those of you that have a CBD vaping device with TCR functionality, but didn’t receive an instruction manual for the mode, there are alternative ways to find the values of TCR for different materials.

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance For CBD Vaping Infographic
TCR For CBD Vaping Infographic

There are several ways to find the values of TCR, and Steam Engine’s Wire Wizard Tool is one of them. While the Wire Wizard Tool is more technical than many would hope, there are also many resources available on the web that offer set values based on specific material and sometimes even the type of heating element you’re using. If you look at the Temperature Coefficient of Resistance For CBD Vaping Infographic above, you’ll see that we’ve provided a list of TCR values for specific materials.

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