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Rosebud CBD Oil Review

Taunting consumers with “the Rosebud difference”, the Rosebud brand truly feels that they offer a far superior product than its competitors. In this Rosebud CBD Oil Review, we’re dissecting the brand and product for ourselves and sharing it with the rest of you to help form your own conclusion.

Founded in April 2018, Alexis Rosenbaum created Rosebud CBD using hemp grown in the great state of Oregon. Since then, she has seen fascinating success with her CBD product since it contains only all natural cannabinoids with a high concentration of CBD, and MCT oil, which provides a quicker and overall better deliver throughout the human body. One thing that has inspired many to flock to the infant brand is because each batch of Rosebud CBD Oil is lab tested for potency, quality, and accurate dosing.

Rosebud CBD Oil Review – 350mg

Rosebud CBD OilExploring this ‘Rosebud difference’, we’ve found that the brand is raising the standards of CBD oil by forming direct relationships with the actual farmers. If you look on the front of their site, they’re super transparent and wants to share with others that they personally guarantee the quality and potency of the product and can provide 3rd party lab testing. Delivering the best quality, Rosebud CBD Oil is a full spectrum CBD oil that’s CO2 extracted right here in the US. It contains no herbicides, pesticides, solvents, fillers, additives, flavors, or preservatives — it’s all natural in its whole form.

There are three different dosings, which consists of 350mg, 700mg, and 1000mg. In this Rosebud CBD Oil Review, we’re looking at Rosebud CBD Oil that has 350mg of CBD per 15ml bottle. It contains roughly 30 full droppers. The packaging itself looks simple, yet classy. It uses soft and subtle colors on its label to present the product and displays all the necessary information. If anything stands out it should be the simplicity of the label – containing no fancy lettering or images.

So what are the perks to this ‘different’ CBD that’s making a huge impact on the CBD Oil market? For starters, the transparency. Next, it’s that Rosebud CBD Oil is full spectrum, CO2 extracted from plants grown in Oregon, contains less than .3% THC, and offers the best quality.

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