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PRYME CBD Offers The Best CBD Flower In Dothan, AL

It’s true, PRYME CBD does offer the best CBD flower in Dothan, Alabama, and to validate our claims, in this article we’re going to share a few reasons why it is considered one of the best places to buy your CBD flower both offline and online.

Since the rise of hemp, everyone is looking to jump on the hemp bandwagon, especially in the Dothan, AL area. Unfortunately, the rapid swan dive into the sector is leaving the marketplace saturated and the get-rich-quick scheme isn’t quite panning out for everyone as many new owners are beginning to realize.

However, if you are PRYME CBD the ‘fake-it until you make-it’ tactic isn’t needed because they’re making it, and becoming Alabama’s CBD success story. Although there are several local stores to purchase CBD products, such as CBD flower, none of them are able to offer the best, besides PRYME CBD. The beautiful green buds are dense, smelly, deliver incredible content, they’re always super fresh from the latest harvest, and offer both taste and effects that are out of this world.

If you truly want to experience a quality CBD flower, PRYME CBD is the place to go for multiple strains, brands, and specific profiles that will cater to your specific tastes. The question you may be wondering is, how does this small business offer the best CBD flower in Dothan, Alabama?

A simple question doesn’t always deserve a simple answer. In fact, there are many reasons as to why they are the best and why they offer the best CBD flower. Below we’ll list a few reasons so that you can come to a conclusion yourself.

Best Sourced CBD Flower

PRYME CBD has searched far and wide to find the best CBD flower. There are loads of wholesale hemp companies to buy from, but only a handful that can deliver a rare quality. PRYME has the best sourced CBD flower that you’ll notice from the first puff to the last. It’s quality grown hemp that is rich in CBD and cannabinoids.

Higher CBD and Cannabinoid Content

The days of smoking CBD flower with 12-15% CBD is in the past. PRYME CBD offers CBD flower that is as high as 23%, and a cannabinoid content as high as 27%. These numbers are much higher than any other CBD flower product you will find in Dothan or surrounding areas.

Stored Properly To Maintain Quality

With as many as three different brands to choose from, there are a variety of packaging types designed to store your flower properly to maintain its quality. PRYME CBD Hemp Flower is store in authentic Squeezetop bottles, LOOT CBD is stored in pill bottles, while Hemp Hop is stored in sealed bags. All of the packagings are designed to avoid any UV light and create an airtight seal to keep its freshness.

Delivers The Most Knowledge About CBD Flower

Studying the cannabis plant, PRYME CBD has gained quite a bit of knowledge to share with its customers. As Marcus Lemonis once said, “if you don’t KNOW the product you’re selling, why would anyone ever buy it if you can’t relay factual information about it”. If you have a question, feel free to ask them!

Best Availability In The Dothan Area

Sure, you can ride just down the road to pick up a lower quality sack of legal buds, but you would be doing yourself a disservice. PRYME CBD has the best CBD flower in the area and they’re open more and longer than anyone else in the area. Not only is the local store open more for customers of the Wiregrass, but they also have a store online to reflect their business. It delivers the same professionalism, great products, and phenomenal customer service. Get your CBD products anytime at

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