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Due to a booming industry of entrepreneurs that look to share the benefits of Cannabidiol, people all over are looking for professionally written CBD content that is unique to give their respective publication the edge over competitors and to earn a solid ranking on Search Engine platforms. At CBD Manual, we pride ourselves in the work we’re able to produce, and fortunately, many online store owners and blogs find the unique CBD content that we write to be extraordinary for a handful of reasons.

Whether you are an owner of an online store and need product descriptions written or you have a blog on your store that requires CBD content to better inform your customers, or if you simply own a blog and need professionally written CBD content, CBD Manual offers a writing service that can fulfill your copywriting needs. You can take advantage of our services by visiting our CBD Advertising page.

Our History

CBD Manual IconWe began providing unique, professionally written content for blogs, online stores, brands, and manufacturers back in 2011, and have been providing this service to those in the electronic cigarette industry ever since. We now work with some of the largest names in vaping and consistently provide content for their store and blog platforms.

Since the world of Cannabidiol is something we believe in and stand behind, we have created the CBD Manual and began providing our services to those who seek CBD Content. By maintaining an active CBD blog filled with CBD content, we’re able to also offer a CBD knowledge-base for our viewers. We have now worked with some of the most popular CBD brands and stores, including CBDfx, NugRepublic, and Coast CBD Supply, just to name a few.

Why Utilize Our Custom Copywriting / Ghostwriting

Content Writing

Though we have provided content for years, our name isn’t always associated with it. What we do is create custom CBD content tailored to fit your desired topic and your website. We do this without tagging our name to any of the content unless otherwise specified to do so. Aside from our custom copywriting and ghostwriting, here are a few reasons why you should utilize our writing services:

1. Product Descriptions: We are highly capable of delivering detailed descriptions of products. Our descriptions are written very thoroughly and contains all of the necessary details to best describe the product and influence your customers to encourage a sale. CBD products, specifically, require accurate information, and we have the capability of conducting thorough research on products and relay that information in a way that will allow your customer to fully understand what it is that they’re viewing and potentially purchasing from your store.

2. Blog Posts: Blog posts are a great way to not only connect with both customers and viewers, but it’s also something that is often utilized to inform and educate the very people that purchase products from your store. Blogs post are also a great way to lure traffic to your store that otherwise would have never visited it. We’re quite aware that both the owners and the staff of stores are very busy, so we’re able to provide the necessary content that will attract and inform your customers and viewers. With new users flowing in by the droves, it’s especially important now to associate your blog with accurate and very helpful CBD content as you await those who are newly discovering the miraculous benefits of Cannabidiol.

3. Search Engine Optimization: One of the most prominent parts of utilizing our writing services is the enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that we perform. When we write unique CBD content, we very strategically use keywords and phrases to help you target a high volume audience. We’re able to do this in a specific way so that Search Engine’s rank your website higher and recommend it to more during a search query. Giving your site a boost, we use a writing technique that has propelled many stores, brands, and blogs to top rankings in their respective niche.

The Perks of Using Our CBD Content Writing Services

There are several perks that come along with using our writing services. There’s a very good reason why we’re still in business since 2011, and why the industry’s top manufacturers, brands, and stores look to us to consistently create their content. Whether it’s CBD content, vaping content or general content that branches off into other niche’s, we are more than capable of providing the words you desire. Here’s a list of perks that come along with using our writing services:

  • Unique CBD Content
  • Content With Highly Targeted Keywords & Phrases
  • Increased Rankings For Your Entire Website
  • On-Site & Off-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Thorough Research and Accurate Information
  • Easy To Digest Information For Customers
  • Detailed Influential Product Descriptions
  • Increase In Traffic From Non-Customers
  • Increased Brand Awareness

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