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Pinnacle CBD Pink by Ends Game 300mg Vapeable Review

Pinnacle CBD Pink by Ends Game 300mg is a product that you should commit to memory, if you haven’t already tried it, it should be on your list of things to do soon. Blake has started our review series strong and I’m coming out of the gate with one of my favorites, not only as a CBD product but as an e-liquid that I’ve vaped numerous times over the last few years. This collaboration between Pinnacle Help and the people behind End’s Games Pink got me excited from the first time I heard about it and I am now several bottles in.

Stick around, we will give you our honest opinion on the product, its CBD content and its efficiency for providing those much-needed reliefs throughout the day.

About Pinnacle CBD

While you hear of many companies born out of a wish for wealth, or people jumping on the Cannabidiol bandwagon, Pinnacle was born out of necessity and a search for a better product than anything already on the market. The owner of the company was searching for a CBD product to help his daughter, who at the time was 9 years old and began suffering from seizures and was diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy.

At first, the Doctors began throwing medicine at his daughter, to control the seizures, when they didn’t work as expected they bumped up the doses. As with most medication, higher doses meant greater side effects and she eventually ended up taking ADHD drugs to counteract the effects-apparently ADHD is a common side effect to the medication for controlling seizures. To cut a long story short, ADHD medication literally turns kids into zombies and by the time she was 13, her father had had enough. His journey into the CBD field began with looking for the best way to get his daughter back but the products he could find weren’t working as the manufacturers stated, while there are a lot of great CBD products on the market, there are twice as many that are complete junk.

pinnacle hemp logo After a meeting with a man who had a couple of ideas  why other products didn’t work, a seed was planted. After several months of research, meetings with farmers and looking for the right extraction methods, an amazing product was born. This is a company that believes in Full Spectrum CBD and that is what you find in the majority of its products – the few products that contain Isolates are in much higher concentrations than most of the competition.

Fast forward to today, Pinnacle is a rapidly growing company that is building a reputation both online and in vape shops across the United States. With only a couple of products the company name expanded and as the catalog has gotten bigger, so has the client list. This company has a catalog that includes products from 10mg Honey Sticks, Tinctures, Body, and Beard Lotions, Pills, Edibles, Vapeables, and Pet Products. Pinnacle has collaborated with internationally known e-liquid brands and even has the face of David Goerlitz, the former Winston man, and current advocate for the vape and CBD industries on a line of its 300 mg vapeable Full Spectrum liquids.

Pinnacle CBD Pink by Ends Game Review

Let’s get down to the reason you are actually here, the collaboration between Pinnacle and Ends Game and the 300mg Full Spectrum Cannabidiol monster that they created.

For vapers out there, Ends Game is a household name. A full range of amazing flavors that have been on the market for what seems like the better part of half a decade and the signature blend is Pink. With its nondescript name, you may be left wondering what’s in the bottle. The truth is, once you taste it you will be hooked. A simple blend of fresh squeezed Strawberries and Acai juice will titillate your taste buds every single time and the fact that it’s topped off with a sweet wave of Coconut Milk makes this a taste buds wet dream. By itself, it has been a consistent best seller around the United States and is showing no signs of slowing down.

pink by ends game Pinnacle CBD
Pinnacle CBD Pink by Ends Game

Normally, when you add Full Spectrum CBD to anything, it starts to mask the flavor. You end up hitting something that kind of tastes like you thought it would but with an overpowering, pungent smell and taste reminiscent of dank weed. When it comes to Pink, however, the slight flavor brought out by the plant extracts ties in well with the other ingredients.

The 300mg bottle should last around 15 days if you are going by recommendations from Pinnacle – 20mg per day is what they suggest and this is now seen as the norm across the industry – however, 1 bottle lasted me closer to 25. The device I have used to vape Pinnacle CBD Pink By Ends Game Voopoo Panda, a small refillable pod system that hits at around 12-watts. While the juice tends to be very thick, this little device doesn’t have many issues when it comes to wicking.

For the sake of experimentation, I have also put this liquid into a dripper at 70-watts to see if there is any breakdown in the efficacy of the CBD at slightly higher temperatures. While I would not recommend ignoring the manufacturer’s guidance to everyone, it seems to work perfectly and much more quickly than the pod system as it delivers a higher dosage in each hit.

Vaping CBD seems to allow it to work its magic faster and in lower quantities, 3 to 5 hits first thing in the morning will relax my chronic back pain without any trouble. There are a great many people who don’t want to vape anything, so let me just put this idea into your head – the liquid can also be used as a tincture.

During the course of the day, I will either vape a little more or just drop 5-6 drops under my tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds. The anxiety and occasional ferocious mood swings that I suffer with disappear in a couple of minutes, more so with Pinnacles Full Spectrum CBD products than almost anything else I have tried. Taking it just before bed, in pretty much the same dosage as the first thing in the morning ensures that insomnia won’t keep me awake through the night.


Pinnacle products are without a doubt at the top of my list as a regular CBD user and Pink by Ends game mixed with Pinnacle CBD is one of my favorites. This isn’t a fanboy post, if the product sucked, I would absolutely tell you. Research the product (these are the lab results) and seriously, pick up a bottle. Pinnacle CBD Pink by End’s Game is a great product all around.

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