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How To Use CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD Oil for dogs may sound like a crazy notion, but at the time I started writing this there were over 41 Million results for this query on Google, and you guys have been searching for it for over 5 years. I was in a veterinarians office the other day and actually heard a lady in there ask if CBD was safe to use on her dog who has Arthritis. I have already researched this subject but just wanted to hear the Vet’s response, which was extremely positive! Hang around for a couple of minutes and we will discuss the uses of Cannabidiol (CBD), not only for your dogs but for your other pets too.

Before We Get Started

Before we head down this rabbit hole, we are assuming that you already know a couple of things, such as what CBD oil is and how it works with the Endocannabinoid System in humans. If you don’t, we have already put together a couple of quick manuals to put you on the right path in the links above.

For those who just want to get down to business, I will explain it very briefly and we’ll press on. Cannabidiol is one of 113 compounds found in the Cannabis plant that has been found to be very helpful in promoting wellbeing amongst humans. It won’t get you high (that’s the job of THC), and is becoming one of the fastest growing homeopathic remedies in North America. The way it works is simply by reacting with your Endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a very scientific-sounding way of saying its working with receptors already in your body to regulate the way you work.

While the FDA currently only recognizes CBD as a treatment for certain types of Epilepsy, there is a growing consensus amongst the scientific community that it has many more benefits.

CBD Oil For Dogs: Is it Safe?

As we have already stated, the human body has a system in place that works with CBD and other Cannabinoids. That ECS is present, as far as we can tell, in all mammalian creatures. Cats, Dogs, Bears and even Mice can all receive benefits from CBD based products. When you give your dogs CBD, it is just as safe as using it yourself. Almost all CBD in North America is classified as Industrial Hemp-based and contains less than 0.3% THC, meaning that it will not give your pet the euphoric feeling you get from smoking a joint.

The truth is, even though we have only just started learning about CBD products for humans (mainly because they were banned for over half a century), hemp oil containing CBD has always been in animal food.

CBD Oil For Dogs: Why Should We Use it?

The treatment list for dogs using CBD is almost as long as the one for humans. The Vet I spoke of at the beginning of this piece was actually very knowledgable. She told the owner that CBD oil would help her aging dog with its Arthritis, as well as its anxiety. Just like us, our dogs feel stress, they get anxious and CBD does help. Pain management in old achy bones is definitely a plus, as is the fact that it helps to encourage animals to eat. There is nothing worse than your old friend getting to that point where they basically give up eating, and CBD has been known to help. Just like in people, dogs having seizures can benefit greatly from CBD use. As I said, the list for our little friends is almost as long as our own.

Have a conversation with your Veterinarian, they know your animals better than we could ever possibly hope to. If your pet has a problem that could use a little balancing, suggest CBD oil for dogs and see where it goes.

CBD Oil For Dogs: What Should I Use?

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500mg spray from our friends at Savage CBD

There was a time when your four-legged friends could just get a little bit of whatever you were using for yourself, but as the market is flourishing, so are the choices for your pets. What started out as simple basic oils have been picked up by countless companies and turned into all kinds of treats. There are topical CBD lotions, sublingual CBD oils (good luck getting your dog to hold it under their tongue for 30 seconds), and CBD Dog Treats out on the market. In fact, there are probably as many variations of CBD products for dogs as there are for humans and I’m yet to meet a dog who didn’t like treats. CBD oils for dogs are generally sold in lower dosage options to humans and you should always read the literature that comes with them to make sure you are using the correct dose.

One thing I will suggest is making sure you buy from a reputable company, do your research before you spend any money! As with any new industry, there are as many phony companies popping up trying to make a quick buck as there are legitimate ones. Pay attention to the newspapers and stories on the news – these companies are being called out daily for selling products with little to no CBD content while claiming high doses. A reputable company will have their lab results on the website, easily accessible and will have no problem sharing them.

We only work with companies that we believe are on the level, if you see their name on this site it’s because we trust their products. If we no longer have trust in them, you will know about it.


It is safe for your pet to use CBD oil for dogs, 100%. They are non-toxic and will not get your pooch high but can help them in a wide variety of ways. Only buy from companies that have a solid reputation — there are far too many idiots jumping into the market selling snake oil, so always be careful. If you aren’t sure if CBD for dogs can help you, don’t be afraid to talk to your family veterinarian.

We hope that our quick manuals are helpful to you. We enjoy writing them and are always available to answer any questions. If you ever need help with something we haven’t already covered, feel free to jump in the comments section or shoot us a quick email.

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