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How I Get My CBD Dose

The benefits that CBD oil has to offer is undeniable, which is why its popularity has been growing rapidly across the globe. Apart from treating health conditions like anxiety and chronic pain, CBD can also help in easing symptoms associated with insomnia, inflammation, diabetes, and depression.

Many people suffering from chronic symptoms often resort to CBD oil for support. However, some people claim that traditional CBD oil doesn’t offer the results they expect. Fortunately, there is a more potent way of administering CBD that can help in successfully relieving the symptoms. 

Yes, it is called dabbing. Once I started dabbing, there was no way I was looking back. If you do not fully understand this method, I am here to help you out. But before going deeper into the subject, let’s know what the word ‘dab’ means. Dab is a term used to refer to cannabis concentrates. It would simply mean a small proportion or amount of any substances. The name became popular because many people would use a tiny amount of hemp oil to experience its therapeutic effects.  

Typically, cannabis enthusiasts would use highly potent THC concentrates to get a stronger high. The raw flower is usually processed for extracting the active compounds of the plan, which could be THC or CBD, into a highly concentrated and pure form.

Now that you know the origin of the word, let’s get a clearer picture of the method of administration we call dabbing. When cannabis concertantes are vaporised, the process is called dabbing. Certain tools are necessary for the process, which is the reason why many people find it to be intimidating. Some of the tools used include cap dabber, nail, torch, mat, and electronic nail. 

“Dab rig” is a special bong that is used for administering CBD by dabbing. If you don’t have a blow torch with you, there are plenty of devices, such as wax pens, that can cater to your specific needs. 

Why Consider Dabbing?

At first, I found the entire process quite strange. With so many tools involved, dabbing managed to scare me off. However, once I gave it a shot, I quickly got used to it. 

So, the answer to why people should consider is pretty simple. Through this method, you will be able to get the best out of the product, which is your CBD concentrate. Technically. The process requires you to vaporize CBD concentrates, which then requires you to inhale the fumes. It would require you to place the concentrates on a hot surface. It is important to note that dabbing is a preferred means of administration for people who want a better experience, which isn’t possible through traditional oils and edibles. 

 What Are the Types of CBD Concentrates?

Now that you know why people would enjoy dabbing, you should have a better idea about the fuel of the entire process – CBD concentrates. As the name suggests, these are products that contain CBD is concentrated amounts, derived from hemp. 

These concentrates may vary depending on the processing and extraction methods used during the manufacturing process. Let’s take a look at some of the standard options available online – 

  • CBD Extract – It’s an oily extract containing a full spectrum of all the molecules available in the plant. If you wish to dab CBD, make sure that the extract has been winterized for removing fats and other plant materials to ensure that you don’t inhale them. 
  • CBD Isolate – It’s an extremely pure product that contains CBD molecules in a crystalline form. You can expect 99% potency from isolates. However, they can be more expensive than other concentrates you will find in the market.  
  • Shatter – It is available in slab form, which is created by mixing CBD isolate slabs and terpenes. 
  • Terpsolate – It is a type of isolate that is made by combining with terpenes in the liquid form. 
  • Crumble – It’s a moist concentrate that is made by purging oils collected from a cannabis concentrate. The final product has a crumbling consistency. 
  • Wax – It’s a term that defines a concentrate that has a sticky, waxy appearance and texture. You can find them as isolates and even full-spectrum. 

How to Dab?

If you are going to give it a try, you have to bring all the equipment in one place before you can start. Set them all up, switch the torch on, and heat the nail by the flame. I like to heat the nail till it appears red hot, but it isn’t an absolute necessity. If you are a beginner, you should be more careful because overheating tends to combust the concentrate, which goes against dabbing. Make sure that you do not forget the “20/60 rule”, where you need to torch the nail for 20 seconds and dab right after for 60 seconds. 

Once you are sure that the temperature of your nail is ideal, you need to get the right amount of concentrate and meticulously place it on the nail. Inhale the fumes slowly while you turn the dabber tip present on the nail to ensure that there isn’t any wastage of product. Exhale, and repeat the process till you are satisfied. 

The Bottom Line 

If you have a medical condition, such as chronic pain or an anxiety disorder, you might want to give dabbing a shot, in case medications don’t seem to help. However, it is better to have an honest conversation with your healthcare expert to understand your condition better and the right way to approach it.

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