Hemp Bombs Review

Hemp Bombs CBD Review

For those that are still on the search for the perfect CBD brand, Hemp Bombs is an outstanding start to a path of total relaxation and relief. There are many brands to choose from but none of them are quite on the same scale as one of the industry’s leading brands, Hemp Bombs. They’re packed with tons of products, ranging from CBD oil tinctures to CBD Beard Oil to CBD Lube — yes, lubrication. While they offer many products, we are especially impressed with the Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies, as the effects they deliver are through the roof!

About The Brand

Established in 2016, Hemp Bombs is still considered a fairly new brand compared to many others before it. If we’re taking into account that the 2018 Farm Bill was just finalized back in December 2018, then it’s an early adopter. Aside from when it began its journey, the question is, when did the journey originate. It first began its swift move into the Cannabidiol industry just years ago in sunny Florida. While its name references the plant, which has been used in many applications for decades, it is, in fact, a CBD manufacturer that has more than 70 products in its portfolio. Each of the 70 products was once made with a CBD Isolate, however, within the past few months, the brand has switched all of its products over to a broad-spectrum formula that delivers a full range of cannabinoids without THC — it’s the perfect combination.

The brand begins by importing European hemp and then starts manufacturing by utilizing a pure CO2 extraction process to produce a variety of different CBD products in different flavors and potencies. The brand themselves manufacture, package, and ship all in-house, making it a triple threat for many of its competitors that rely on a white labeling service.

Hemp Bombs Products

Hemp Bombs CBD gummiesHemp Bombs has a whole range of products to choose from, all delivering fascinating results. If you’re looking for CBD Oil, they have a large variety, from flavored to unflavored and it’s available in different strengths. Their gummies are phenomenal and work wonderfully to deliver relaxation, sleep, and relief. And, it doesn’t stop just there, in fact, there are many products that you would have never thought was available, from syrup to beard oil, to pain freeze cream, lollipops, and after lube. It’s as simple as Hemp Bombs inserting their proprietary formula into these amazing products and letting it work its magic on millions of people around the world. If there isn’t anything you’re specifically interested in, head on over to PRYME CBD, where they stock a variety of Hemp Bombs products.

Hemp Bombs Reputation

From a consumers perspective, Hemp Bombs rests easily as one of the most recognized CBD brands in the industry. While their products were once made of merely a CBD Isolate, it seems as if they’re always planning to improve due to the switch to broad-spectrum. The company has received glowing reviews due to its large variety of products and its special formulations, such as including Passiflora in some of its products, which is an herb that treats nervousness and insomnia. We absolutely adore the brand and look forward to trying even more of its CBD-infused products.

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