Diamond CBD Chill Gummies Review

Diamond CBD Chill Gummies Review

Giving another round of gummies a shot, we’re here to deliver our honest opinion in this Diamond CBD Chill Gummies Review. This is yet another big brand that offers CBD Gummies, and we wanted to get our hands dirty with some delicious treats that we’ve seen countless times in vape shops. The product in today’s topic will be a pack of 6 Chill Gummies with no clear indication of the CBD strength. These gummies were purchased from a local vape shop out of both curiosities and due to the brand’s large presence within the industry. Our opinions are reflected in this Diamond CBD Chill Gummies Review as we judge several factors, including quality, taste, and the effects.

About Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is one of the largest suppliers of CBD products on the market, serving millions of consumers worldwide. It creates innovative CBD hemp extracts that use a broad profile of cannabinoids. Diamond CBD products are organically grown, harvested, and dried on farms, including Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia. Every batch is lab tested, contains no THC and non-GMO. Aside from its many products that cover a wide range, from gummies to honey sticks to oils, there’s quite a massive selection of CBD products from this brand. Their website is just as impressive as the products they offer, providing its huge selection of CBD everything, incentives like coupon codes for future discounts, along with a hefty amount of blog posts to keep you informed and interested.

Diamond CBD Chill Gummies Review

Chill GummiesThe thing about Diamond CBD that impressed us the most is the mere exposure they have from a massive collection of products under their belt. They’ve received tons of reviews both online and off, so it felt as if it was a must to share our input on the popular “Chill Gummies”. This is our Diamond CBD Chill Gummies Review. In this article, we’re reviewing the 6-count resealable pack of CBD Gummy Worms by Diamond CBD. While I would enjoy sharing the strength of each CBD Gummy Worm, I cannot since it isn’t shared on either the packaging or website, which is my only gripe about this product. The company may have many products in their portfolio, but missing a crucial piece of information is damaging.

The quality of a product is one thing to take into account when forming an opinion about an item and brand. To form an opinion about these Chill Gummies, it meant examining everything from its appearance, to its taste, to the effects that it offers, and we were nothing short of pleased with the outcome. Diamond CBD’s Chill Gummies are delicious snacks that will leave you nothing short of impressed, however, its packaging is something we found a huge setback in. While the packaging shares all the nutrition facts, it doesn’t state the strength of CBD that’s in each gummy worm. It merely shares that the gummy worms are “extreme strength 100X”, and that’s as far as it goes into the CBD strength. When creating and offering a product to the public, especially worldwide, informing customers is a key component, and that’s something that’s lacking with these gummies.

The taste, on the other hand, is top-notch, though there was a hint of bitterness. Each gummy worm offers an incredible taste that’s filled with multiple flavors. Just as you experience with gummy worms from convenient stores, these are no different, except that they offer the calming effects of CBD. This is one of our most preferred delivery methods for dosing CBD, as the gummy worm offers great tastes and becomes the perfect anytime treat to not only soothe our tastes but soothe our mind and body as well.

The effects are something that we were a bit hesitant about since there is no indication as to what the strength is. First starting off by taking half a gummy worm, these gummies offered the calming effects of CBD throughout the body, enough to where it lead to a good nights rest. If we had to guess, we would assume the Chill Gummies are 10MG each.


While I certainly enjoy these gummies and don’t mind sharing our Diamond CBD Chill Gummies Review to inform others, I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone due to the strength of CBD not being shared on its packaging. The quality seemed fine, the taste was enjoyable, and even the effects were perfect. However, we simply can’t get around the confusion of the CBD strength and it not being printed on the packaging, nor the Diamond CBD website.

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