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Can I Fail A Drug Test From CBD

If you’re wondering if you can fail a drug test from CBD, then it’s very possible that you still have a lot of learning to do when it comes to Cannabidiol. However, don’t let the lack in knowledge hinder you from obtaining the information you seek, as it should instead empower you to dive deeper into this self-medicating chemical that’s gaining a lot of attention.

It’s quite understandable for one to be wary of CBD, especially when it’s your job that is on the line or even the potential of receiving a new job. No one wants to be shafted as a result of trying to enhance their overall health or reduce life-altering ailments. It’s unfortunate that using a part of mothers nature, something that is all-natural and rooted in the soil of earth can cause such worry while being touted of its powerful healing benefits. Worry not, we’re here to set the record straight and tell you if you will fail a drug test from CBD.

Can I Fail A Drug Test From CBD?

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

The many brands and manufacturing companies use this term to their advantage, and it’s very unfortunate that they aren’t completely transparent when plastering “drug test safe” on the packaging of their CBD product.

NOTE: This isn’t a stab at the many quality CBD companies on the market, in fact, there are plenty of CBD companies that we highly recommend, for instance, Hemp Bombs. Hemp Bombs shares that their product is non-THC and drug test safe, and this is perfectly fine as long as you are aware of the fine print — we’ll get more into that as you continue reading.

Despite what companies claim, we differ because we aren’t a commerce site, we do not sell products, and CBD Manual is built upon sharing honest and accurate information, therefore we are more than willing to share brutal honesty.

The truth is, you can fail a drug test from CBD. There are many claims by these CBD companies that say you can pass a drug test, and that’s true also. This is why this topic bares so much confusion because there is some explaining that needs to be done. This doesn’t mean that the company is trying to deceive you by telling you that their product is drug test safe, it just means they have a poor way of relaying all the necessary information that comes along with the topic.

Marijuana and Hemp, and How It Effects Drug Tests

Marijuana and Hemp are both members of the cannabis family, so there are a lot of characteristics that they share between one another, including both THC and CBD. However, the difference is that marijuana can contain up to 30% THC, while hemp contains no more than 0.3% THC in order for it to be federally legal. What this means is that marijuana will get you high due to the high amount of THC (the psychoactive part of cannabis), while it’s impossible to get high from hemp due to the severely low amount of THC.

All CBD Contains Some Level of THC

When extracting the CBD from the hemp plant, there is often trace amounts of THC, but it must not be more than 0.3%. There are some companies that have shared lab results where THC wasn’t detected in their CBD product, and they’re claiming that the product is 100% THC Free. However, there will always be trace amounts of THC in the extraction process, maybe in minute quantities that won’t make a difference, but it’s still there. When they share the lab results, they are basically measuring down to 0.3% and anything below that reads none detected. This is something that should definitely be shared upfront, instead of listing it in fine print under LOD (Level of Detail) or LOQ (Level of Quantity) in the analysis.

CBD and Drug Testing

Now that you are aware that CBD products feature trace amounts of THC, we can now move onto the part of drug testing. When having to take a drug test, it’s likely that they will be screening for cannabis and not CBD. The reason why most screen for CBD is because the employer would have to pay the testing company an additional charge due to the expenses associated with CBD, like having to purchase additional standards for detection and modifying their current structure to include and detect CBD. However, even though the drug test company isn’t screening for CBD, since there are trace amounts of THC in CBD products, there is a cause for concern.

Since there’s such a low amount of THC present in CBD products, you don’t have to worry, unless you’re using excessive amounts of CBD, and in that case, there is a potential to fail a drug test from CBD. This is how the CBD manufacturers can include in their packaging that the product is drug test safe, is because if you’re using the product at the recommended dose, the amount of THC that would consume is so low that it wouldn’t get detected. However, if you’re consuming beyond that recommended amount, there is always a possibility.


In short, use CBD products at the recommended dose and you will pass drug screenings with flying colors. Step beyond that recommended dose and you’re opening up the possibilities of getting canned or not making the cut on your next big career opportunity. If you are worried if you will fail a drug test from CBD, you have two options — don’t take any CBD or stick to the recommended daily dose.

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