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Before You Buy CBD Oil Online Checklist

While marijuana may have gained a conflicting base of people that perceive it differently, some good and some bad, CBD has taken off with minor scrutiny due to the slight separation between the two and people are now wanting to buy CBD oil online. Today, CBD Oil is looked at more as a product strictly sold to better the wellness of consumers, while marijuana is still in the process of shaking that negative perception of people who think it’s only used to take your mind ‘high’ above the clouds — tsk, tsk.

With its market booming, people are becoming more interested in the benefits, and risks, associated with CBD, therefore we thought it would be a stellar time to create a checklist of the sort before you buy CBD oil online.

A CBD Recap

cbdIf you’re needing a quick CBD recap, CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant and hemp. It’s a non-psychoactive part that is natural and can be an alternative to THC. It has also gained a great deal of attention due to its incredible promise to treat many ailments, such as anxiety and inflammation. Although cannabis is still federally illegal and industrial hemp still resting in a gray area, CBD made a breakthrough within the Food and Drug Administration when CBD was FDA-approved to be used in conjunction with an epilepsy drug known as Epidiolex. This is huge because it made CBD, or the use of it in this drug, to be the first cannabis compound to be federally recognized.

As a result of people looking more into the health benefits of CBD, its staggering boom into multiple markets, and the sheer interest that it draws, CBD has become the next big break-through in wellness and it’s becoming more publicly acceptable as it’s introduced into drugs [Epidiolex], edibles, ejuices, creams, and more.

The Catch With CBD Oil

Of course, when discussing anything regarding marijuana or the use of, there’s always a catch. The truth here is if you’re not in a state where marijuana is legal at a state level for recreational or medical use with a medical card, then you’re shopping in a gray area where the market is completely unregulated. For now, CBD is being some-what swept under the rug, similar to the nicotine e-liquid market, until officials can make sense of it all, regulate it, benefit from it, and of course while they wait for more long-term studies to be conducted — which means more time.

Despite knowing all of this, it’s become a common understanding throughout the world that CBD has extraordinary potential. There’s no wonder why the cannabis market is now booming, even outside of the states that have decriminalized it. And, CBD still has so much room for growth. We’re quite aware of your interest in CBD and you’re looking for answers on where you can buy CBD oil online, but it’s always ideal to first do your research, and starting with this article is a solid step in the right direction.

No matter how eager you are to jump right in on the CBD train, we encourage you to consult with your doctor first before trying CBD. We recently wrote an in-depth CBD and Drug Interactions Manual that you should consider reading if you’re currently taking other medications, as this interaction between the two can present both positive and negative effects.

The Checklist: Before You Buy CBD Oil Online

Why do you want to try CBD? Before you go any further, you must know now that CBD isn’t a way to get high, nor does it actually get you high. You see, CBD is purportedly offering people the benefits of cannabis, yet without the THC high. With that said, you should ask if you’re eligible for the benefits of CBD, as most people that use it will tell you that you won’t notice any difference unless there is an original cause for using the CBD. For an example, do you suffer from anxiety, skin conditions or other ailments? If so, you can benefit from using it. If not, you may end up thinking it was a hack.

Are you afraid to ask questions? If you’re afraid to ask questions, you probably shouldn’t be buying online. CBD is under an unregulated market and there are some manufacturers out there that conduct shady business practices and do not use the proper sterile environments needed to create such a product. Keeping this in mind, do not be afraid to ask questions about lab test results of products, the environment it’s manufactured in, the farms it has come from, and the standards its meeting or exceeding. The more you know is the more you know.

What’s the origin of the CBD? It’s a common concern to want to know where a product originated from, especially regarding CBD. When talking Hemp, it’s a prominent factor to know where the Hemp originated. To begin with, if the CBD didn’t come from the U.S, then it isn’t legal, which is a great starting point. Another factor here is transparency, which is something you should demand. If they’re not telling you where the farms are for the Hemp, then it’s a good chance that they do not know, themselves. Not good, not good at all.

Do you know if it’s local or organic? Remember earlier when we said you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, like seeing lab test results? Well, at the moment the USDA hasn’t yet labeled hemp farms as organic, and that means you’ll have to do some investigative work. The only way you’re going to truly tell if a product is organic or not is to see the lab’s test results.

Is it full-spectrum or isolate? To start off, full-spectrum utilizes the whole hemp plant, while an isolate merely extracts the CBD from the plant. Why is this something that should be questioned though? You see, there are a lot of manufacturers and brands using throwing around terms like “all natural”, yet the product you could be getting isn’t natural at all. In fact, isolates are cheaper, could be completely fake, and not to mention they throw up the concern for contamination. Unfortunately, isolates are harder to trace back to their origin, so it’s always best to take a greater leap towards full-spectrum, or buying the whole plant, rather than extracts or concerning synthetic CBD.

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