With the rapid growth of Cannabidiol and thousands of curious consumers, CBD Advertising is especially vital to building a brand’s success. It’s significantly important to take advantage of digital advertising due to the opportunities it provides that will tell a story about your brand on a much larger scale. Reaching a larger audience is a vital part of growth for your brand, and if you aren’t doing it, your competitors will fly by and leave you in the wind.

In-House Advertising Is An Excuse

no-excusesIn-house Advertising is merely an excuse for brand owners that do not understand the value of brand awareness, that doesn’t know the importance of an advertising budget, and thinks the do-it-yourself approach to digital advertising will be as beneficial as what the experts provide. If this is the world you’re living in, you’re in a far-out galaxy that will eventually lead to the land of nowhere. The truth is, any online business that wants to grow a brand must advertise digitally. While your efforts of advertising your brand yourself may seem like just the money-saving path that’s perfect for both you and your business, you simply do not have the reach of advertising experts.

The Advertising CBD Manual Provides

We provide advertising opportunities that will allow you to reach a larger audience, which results in better brand awareness, increased search rankings, and a mixture of both direct and organic traffic. We have a collection of advertising services that will propel your brand to success but it’s up to you to take advantage of them. Here are the services we provide here at CBD Manual:

  • Banner Advertising
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Content Creation / Copywriting
  • Link Insertion

Why CBD Advertising Is Especially Important

CBD Advertising is especially important at the current time due to the influx of consumers discovering Cannabidiol and the many benefits it provides, along with the expansion of businesses entering the CBD industry. While this compound has been around for many years, it has just recently been made federally legal as a result of the 2018 Farm Bill, and the ‘CBD Boom’ is happening now. It’s wise to make your move early on before the industry is saturated with manufacturers and distributors, which will make it tough to obtain even a slither of the spotlight in a crowd of others.

Make your move now, build brand awareness and receive direct traffic with Banner Advertising, increase your search appearance with Sponsored Posts, increase your search appearance and better inform your customers with our Copywriting services, and give your brand the boost it deserves with a Link Insertion.

  • Banner Advertising: $200/mo. (Any Position)
  • Sponsored Posts: $50 (Includes 1 Do-Follow Link)
  • Copywriting: $10 Per 100 Words
  • Link Insertion: $20 Per Do-Follow Link

Advertising Packages

Bronze Package

Package Cost: $250

  • 1x Month of Banner Advertising
  • 1x 500 Word Article on CBDM
  • 1x Do-Follow Backlink
  • 1x 500 Word Article For Your Store

Silver Package

Package Cost: $450

  • 2x Months of Banner Advertising
  • 2x 500 Word Articles on CBDM
  • 2x Do-Follow Backlinks
  • 2x 500 Word Articles For Your Store

Gold Package

Package Cost: $800

  • 3x Months of Banner Advertising
  • 3x 1000 Word Articles on CBDM
  • 3x Do-Follow Backlinks
  • 3x 1000 Word Articles For Your Store

Contact Us For CBD Advertising

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