Creating a website is easy, but it’s merely transactional. We felt the need to create more than your standard website. In fact, we set out to create a web publication that is instead, inspirational. CBD Manual is an online informative platform that consists of small manuals designed for those who seek to gain knowledge about Cannabidiol and the powerful benefits that it offers.

The Beginnings

Cannabidiol serves to be one of the world’s greatest ways to treat an extraordinary amount of symptoms, and the public is becoming more aware of its powerful healing capabilities with each passing day. Having served in the vaping industry for nearly a decade, it only made sense to continue our work of helping new users not only discover CBD and all it has to offer, but to also inform users with accurate information and honest opinions. Like many today, we’re CBD users ourselves, and just like the passion that originated from discovering an alternative to traditional cigarettes did for us, we’ve gained the same sense of passion for the CBD industry due to it helping alleviate¬†many of the symptoms we suffer from personally, which includes pain, anxiety, and insomnia, amongst others.

Our Story

Blake Brown first started his journey with vaping back in 2011. After discovering the effortless transition to vapor products, the Guide To Vaping blog was formed and immediately gained attention from those seeking accurate information. Hired as a writer, Daniel Hall set his path in the vaping industry by joining forces with CBD Manual to deliver high-end, consistently published content. After discovering how greatly CBD has transitioned their lives into one that’s more enjoyable, both Blake and Daniel set out to create the CBD Manual. The CBD Manual blog is a place where the two store information regarding CBD into neat, easy to read and understand manuals.