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    How to Store Hemp Flowers – A Complete Guide

    hemp flower

    If you are growing hemp, you will have to adopt appropriate storage techniques in order to keep them healthy after the harvest. There are standard storage methods specially developed from years of processing and growing for hemp fiber, seed, and grain. Some countries, such as Canada, are still considering revising these methods and come up […]

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    Hemp Bombs CBD Review

    Hemp Bombs Review

    For those that are still on the search for the perfect CBD brand, Hemp Bombs is an outstanding start to a path of total relaxation and relief. There are many brands to choose from but none of them are quite on the same scale as one of the industry’s leading brands, Hemp Bombs. They’re packed […]

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    Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder

    Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder

    The Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder is a remarkable tool to use for grinding all types of herbs. There will be many people that will certainly tell you that a grinder is a roll-your-own smoker’s best friend, and those that vaporize herbs will tell you the same. In this article, we’re going to inform you […]

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    PRYME CBD Opens In Dothan, AL


    As the awareness of benefits that Cannabidiol provides continues in its forward momentum, it creates a demand from consumers. Whenever there’s a demand from consumers, there will be entrepreneurs that are ready to take the plunge into a new venture to meet those demands. That is exactly what happened with the most recent CBD shop […]

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    CBD Vape Oil For Pain & Anxiety: Can CBD Offer Relief

    CBD Vape Oil For Pain & Anxiety Can CBD Offer Relief header 740 x 443

    Is using CBD Vape oil for pain actually helping people or is the therapeutic effect nothing more than a placebo? More and more people seem to be moving toward Cannabidiol daily because they have heard about its healing properties, its rapid absorption rate and seemingly miraculous list of benefits. The questions we have are does it […]

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    Flying With CBD: What is the Current Law?

    Flying With CBD What is the Current Law header 740 x 443

    Flying with CBD in the United States, it’s 2019 and Industrial Hemp has been legalized and we have CBD in every corner of this great nation. Many of us are taking Cannabidiol for medical reasons, to help with various maladies and this trend is showing no signs of slowing. A question just came in that we […]

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    The 2018 Farm Bill and Industrial Hemp Legalization

    2018 Farm Bill 740 x 443

    The 2018 farm bill has been massive news and rightly so. Legalization of industrial hemp has been all over the news for the last few months, and CBD companies are popping out of the woodwork like crazy, but there are different stories coming from different Government branches and agencies. Over the next couple of minutes, we […]

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    CBDfx Gummies Review

    CBDfx CBD Gummies

    We’re in love with the CBD edibles, and reviewing CBDfx Gummies has definitely been one on our radar. In this article, we try gummies from one of the most recognized brands in the industry, giving our opinion, letting you learn more about the company, and the product we’re reviewing today. Today’s topic will consist of a […]

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    How To Use CBD Oil For Dogs

    CBD Oil for dogs 740 x 443

    CBD Oil for dogs may sound like a crazy notion, but at the time I started writing this there were over 41 Million results for this query on Google, and you guys have been searching for it for over 5 years. I was in a veterinarians office the other day and actually heard a lady […]

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